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About Our Friendly Backpackers

Photo of Michelle Langan, owner of the Bendigo Backpacker

Hi, I'm Michelle Langan and I operate the Bendigo Backpacker in regional Victoria, Australia. As a young person I was keen to travel and experience other cultures—their food, unique languages, and differing lifestyles. My desire to explore the world in an open-ended fashion included many short stays, making cheap accommodation at central hostels my style of booking! Before long, I was familiar with the friendly yet affordable nature of backpacker accommodation, which helped me meet people in a small group setting and develop friendships with other travellers.

During my 18 months abroad, I wanted to enjoy myself and learn more about different countries. I achieved all this and more, in the process developing a love of travel that has remained with me ever since. My first stops included North America and England, but I soon yearned for warmer weather. With growing confidence to explore more exotic cultures, I moved on to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland and Israel. Many of my favourite memories come in particular from Israel, where I spent a wonderful 12 months working on a moshav farm and living in budget accommodation with like-minded young people.

What did I learn on my travels?

Apart from a host of experiences and discoveries about other cultures, I learnt a lot about myself and gained a new perspective on my own country. Like most Aussies, I think I took my country for granted. I realised that Australia is so lucky; it’s one of the easiest countries to live in, and very welcoming to travellers. I also realised not all cheap accommodation was equal! It’s important to feel safe and at home no matter how short the stay, and to have a fresh bed and clean rooms.

What drew me to the Bendigo Backpackers?

I’ve always loved hospitality. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and sharing the unique history and culture of Bendigo and Australia. Having worked in tourism for several years, I saw that Bendigo Backpackers could combine my interests in hospitality and tourism with my experiences travelling and living in budget accommodation. This opportunity to provide clean and affordable accommodation in a safe and friendly environment was a perfect way to give something back to that community of intrepid travellers, in return for my own bold adventures.

What advice would I give to other travellers?

My advice to others interested in traveling in a similar way on an affordable budget: don’t expect everything to go according to plan—in fact, don’t even have an itinerary! Just enjoy the moments as they come—and come stay with us at Bendigo Backpackers! I’d love to meet you.